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Below are some common questions we receive from people interested in using TryMyUI as a usability research platform. If you don’t see your question here, 请使用反馈标签提交,全博体育网址将与您联系.

If you are a TryMyUI tester, check out the Tester FAQ page for help.

Plans and pricing

How TryMyUI works

How you should use TryMyUI

How TryMyUI compares with other testing tools and methods

When you’re running your tests

Plans and pricing

How much does a usability test cost?

On the $99/mo Personal Plan, you receive 5 test credits per month which each consists of one user’s narrated video and written response (5 results totdal). Additional credits can be purchased for $45 each.

That’s a heck of a lot less than recruiting your own panel of users and administering a test on-site. 它也比其他一些用户测试站点要少得多.

Get your first five results for $0 by signing up for a free trial now!

What is a credit?

Credits are used to order test results from our user panel. 根据你的计划类型,一个信用额度的费用在25- 45美元之间, and can be used to order one user’s test result.

您可以在特殊的基础上购买信用额度,或每月获得全博体育网址的信用津贴 Team or Enterprise Plans.

Credits are only for ordering tests with TryMyUI’s panel. 如果你提供自己的用户,你可以使用单独的邀请计数对他们进行测试.

What comes with each plan?

全博体育网址的计划因每月收到的信用额度不同而不同, the cost of additional credits, 并在数量的高级功能,以帮助您快速分析结果, quantify and benchmark your usability, and easily share findings with colleagues and stakeholders.

See a full list of our features here.

Can I pay month to month?

你可以用TryMyUI按月付款,不需要签订长期合同! We know that every product and UX team has its own budget and schedule challenges; we stay flexible, so you can too.

What are the benefits of buying annually?

First, every plan is 12 months for the price of 10, 给你省下几百到几千美元. 当你购买任何一年的计划,你可以得到所有12个月的信用额度. That way, you’ll have maximum control to decide how you want to apportion those credits (and invites for your own testers) throughout the year.

That's great if you might be testing a lot in some months, but not at all during other months.

Can I buy extra tests if I’m on a subscription plan?

Yes! 如果你在你的计划中用光了每月的信用额度, or you just need to collect more results than usual, you can always buy additional credits for $25, $35, or $45 each depending on your plan type.

Do my credits roll over?

Additional credits that you purchase never expire. 除非你用它们来订购测试,否则它们将留在你的账户中.

On our subscription-based plans,您每月可获得订购测试的积分. These credits do NOT roll over. 任何在您的每月付款周期结束时未使用的将丢失.


How TryMyUI works

What do I get with one test?

你会看到每个用户浏览你的网站的视频, app, or prototype, talking about what they like and dislike as they go.

You see their full screen (not just the browser window), plus mouse movements or finger gestures. 你听到他们说他们所看到的、阅读的、思考的和做的一切. 此外,您还可以获得他们的自定义后测试问题的书面答案.

Depending on your plan type, you will also get advanced quantitative data.


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How long does it take to get results back?

For most tests, your results will be ready within 3-6 hours. However, 周转时间与你的人口统计过滤器的严格程度有关, so if your requirements are very specific – especially if you have custom criteria or screener questions – it can take us a bit longer to find eligible users. 在这种情况下,全博体育网址可能需要24-36小时才能完全完成您的订单.

What demographics can I control?

You can currently filter the tester pool by gender, age, income range, country of residence, education level, family status, social networks usage, employment type, and more. You can also add your own custom qualification criteria, such as: must be an avid gamer, or must have taken an overseas vacation in the last year. Would you like further control? Let us know!

Where do TryMyUI's panelists come from?

TryMyUI的用户池是由全博体育网址在线招募的普通人组成的. All of our panelists must pass a qualification test demonstrating their ability to vocalize and explain their thoughts before performing tests for our customers.

How are users selected and qualified?

TryMyUI qualifies candidate users based on their ability to stay on task and to clearly voice everything they, see, read, think, or do as they are interacting with your website. That way you get high-quality, insight-dense feedback without the high cost of a moderated user test.

We continually re-evaluate our testers using a rating system to ensure that the results we deliver are valuable, meaningful, and actionable.

How do I set up a test?

Its best to just try it and see. But if you really want to read about it…

Using the TryMyUI website, you submit the URL you want to test and present a general scenario and a set of tasks for the testers to follow. For example, the scenario may be: “You’re invited to a very fancy cocktail party and are looking for black shoes to match your dress”. The tasks might include:

  • Talk about how you would go about finding the perfect shoe.
  • 挑选鞋子时,哪些因素对你最重要?
  • 列出一张你感兴趣的候选鞋的清单.
  • Which ones are in your price range? Eliminate any that are not.
  • Make sure the shoes you like are available in your size.
  • 最后决定买哪只鞋. What would your next step be?
  • You don’t want to buy them right now - how would you finish the purchase if you close your browser and then come back later?

Finally, you specify your demographic criteria and indicate how many test users you would like. TryMyUI将这个场景和任务脚本呈现给合格的测试人员. Users who take the test are “video-taped” by having their screens and their voices recorded as they go through the tasks on your website. 在10-20分钟的测试结束时,他们还要填写一份书面问卷. 很快,旁白视频和书面总结就会送到你的手中.

Can I use my own testers?

Absolutely! Instead of using our testers, you can test with an unlimited number of your own users on our Enterprise plan, or with up to 10 of your own users per month on the Team plan.

How you should use TryMyUI

When in my development process should I use TryMyUI?

TryMyUI is so simple and inexpensive that you can benefit from it at ALL stages for great user feedback.

Pre-product testing

  • Market validation – Ever wonder how the average customer approaches the market segment or industry you’re in? Suppose you are an online retailer selling digital cameras. Why not perform a general test asking: How would you use the Web to find the best digital camera for you? See how potential customers approach the marketplace. What sites do they visit? What makes them go there? What are they thinking?
  • Competitor analysis – Ever wonder what customers think of your competitors’ websites or offerings? 为什么不在竞争对手的网站上使用TryMyUI呢?
  • Conceptualization – You don’t need a live website or even a clickable prototype to benefit from TryMyUI. 你可以立即获得用户对你的静态概念的反应, 营销信息等等,甚至在你有一个可用的网站之前.

Post-product testing

  • Early prototypes – It is never too early to put your prototypes in front of users to help guide your design and priorities. Agile development methods promote acceptance testing by stakeholders including potential customers as a part of each development sprint. TryMyUI是在开发早期获取用户反馈的好方法.
  • Beta and production – Use TryMyUI to gauge overall user impressions as well as each of your expected use cases after launch.
  • New features – Use TryMyUI to test each new feature you develop before and after you roll it out.

How many users should I test with?

全博体育网址建议在4-6个用户中进行测试,以了解哪些是有效的,哪些是无效的. With too few users, you may or may not get representative feedback; and while any testing is better than none, it’s best to make sure your results are reliable. 测试15个用户将发现几乎所有的主要可用性问题, and 20 or more will provide statistically significant data. However, with just 5 or 6 users, 您可能已经看到了几个可操作的主题.

Are 4 to 6 tests statistically significant?

从少数样本中不能得出统计上显著的结论. But with narrated video you are literally seeing your website through someone else’s eyes. This alone can provide you with several “aha” moments, as you realize that the user’s mental model, interpretation of terminology, 对你网站内容的反应和你想象的完全不同. The depth of this information illuminates WHY the user is acting as he/she is and provides you with enough insight to decide whether you should correct it or not.

How TryMyUI compares with other testing tools and methods

Web日志分析——我可以查看我的Web日志,看看用户在做什么. What does TryMyUI add?

Excellent point! We agree that web logs have a wealth of useful information that can help you understand what features users are exercising, what pages get the most interest, etc. However, while web logs, or even tools like Google Analytics, answer many questions involving “what” users are doing, 他们没有说明他们为什么要做他们正在做的事情. To gain insight on the “why”, you need to ask the user. 在TryMyUI中,全博体育网址试图促进这种与用户的深度互动.


毫无疑问,一个专家级的主持人能带来很多东西. Like a good psychologist, a good moderator can probe the user, understanding his or her motivations without biasing them. 不幸的是,专家服务既困难又昂贵. TryMyUI提供了几个优于适度可用性研究的优势:

  • It’s extremely simple to set up. You can have the results of your tests within hours of submitting your scenario and tasks, less time than it would take to engage a usability testing firm to set up the first meeting.
  • It’s very inexpensive. 对于一个包含5个用户的可用性研究的费用, 您可以有来自数百个用户的测试(并不是您想要的).
  • It’s very simple to interpret. All you have to do is review the videos of the users executing your scenarios and read their written summaries.


许多其他公司提供全博体育网址服务. In general, the basic data each one provides is more or less the same: self-narrated videos of the tester’s screen as they follow a series of tasks.

What sets us apart is our toolkit designed for making usability research faster and easier. 全博体育网址已经开发了各种简化用户测试过程的工具, including: the UX Diagnostics quantitative panel, 通过众包对可用性问题进行排名的UXCrowd, video annotations for saving key moments, highlight reels for sharing them, 协作分析:与你的团队一起进行研究工作, 以及用于生成研究结束报告的执行摘要.

Everything we build is focused on deepening our customers’ understanding of their video data, helping them to analyze better and faster, then synthesize, share, and iterate!

When you’re running your tests

Can I preview how my test will look before I send it out?

Yes! After creating your test, scroll down to the bottom of the test page and find the link that says “Take the test yourself.这将让你能够按照测试者的想法进行测试.

My test results are “In progress” – what does that mean?

“在进行中”状态意味着测试人员已经开始在这个测试上工作, but the video is not yet ready for viewing. 一旦有人开始记录他们的视频反馈,测试结果就是“在进行中”.

视频等数据提交上传到全博体育网址的服务器后, it will be reviewed by one of our graders to ensure that the tester followed instructions and has provided useful, 高质量的反馈。.

当评分员认为测试结果符合全博体育网址的标准时, 他们批准结果,状态变为“完成”,” at which time it will be available for you to view.

What if I’m not happy with one of my results?

如果因为任何原因你发现测试结果不满意,请给它2星或更低的评级. Then, you will automatically be given the option to replace that result at no additional cost.


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